Podcast: How to Protect Charities from Fraud

Charities, by definition, are in the business of doing good, for their service users, for the communities they serve, and for society as a whole. It sometimes feels shocking, then, that people might want to commit fraud in a sector that exists for the benefit of others.  

Charity Commission research estimates that fraud costs the charity sector more than £2 million each year. Fraud can include insider fraud – submitting false expenses for example – or external attacks, such as fraudsters falsely fundraising in your name. There are myriad risks to charities from fraud and, fortunately, myriad ways to protect against it. 

In this podcast, Charity Digital’s Elizabeth Carter talks to Richard Wilhelm, Chief Technology Officer at Public Interest Registry and Iain Crosbie, Network Quality Lead at Mind UK. Join them as they discuss everything charities need to know about fraud, from the various risks they face to the step they can take to prevent it.  

You can find out more information and resources by visiting https://charitydigital.org.uk/ 

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