Become a Registrar

Work with us. Become a registrar for .ORG and the .ORG Family of Domains and build your brand, expand into new markets, and change the world.

Why Offer The .ORG Family Of Domains?

Millions of organizations rely on the .ORG domain as a trusted place where they can align with causes they care about, gain inspiration, and feel empowered to drive change in their communities. Now, the newest additions to the .ORG family of domains will further empower mission-driven organizations to engage with their communities and advance positive change in the world.

Work With Us

Becoming an accredited .ORG and .ORG Family of Domains Registrar gives you access to a number of benefits:

  • Direct support from PIR staff and our technical team
  • Access to PIR discount programs
  • Performance data and marketing collateral
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Ready To Become a .ORG Family of Domains Registrar?

Tell Us About Yourself

You must be credited with ICANN to work with PIR.

Email our Registry Services and Customer Operations Team to get started.

  • Provide relevant Registrar information
  • Review the following documentation required for all PIR TLDs
    • Confidentiality Agreement
    • Data Processing Addendum
  • Review the Registry-Registrar Agreement



For this step, you will tell us where you’re located and tell us know how you want us to contact you for different business operations.

Confidentiality Agreement

Registrars are required to sign PIR’s Confidentiality Agreement before obtaining access to OT&E.

Data Processing Addendum

The RRA Addendum addresses data protection, and the processing and transferring of EU data.

Registry Registrar Agreement (RRA)

The RRA is the contract between PIR and you, the Registrar. You will need to sign an RRA for each TLD you accredit with PIR.

Download the RRA

Fund Your Account

After you have established an account, you will get access to PIR’s Credit and Payment Policy.  This document contains all the financial details you will need to manage your payments.

  • To go into production, you will need to provide one of the following forms of payment security:
    • Cash Deposit: A deposit account where cash has been deposited to maintain a positive balance against the amount owed to the Registry.
    • Letter of Credit: The irrevocable transferable stand-by letter of credit from an acceptable bank provides security for the Registrars’ satisfaction of their obligations under the agreement.

Zone Access File

A zone file gives you detailed information about a specific DNS zone. Information on how to use the Centralized Zone Data Service to access the Zone Files of .ORG is online.
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