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Since its inception in 1985, .ORG has empowered and mobilized over 11 million websites.

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Online Home for Mission-Driven Orgs

Today, more than ever, individuals, nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses, and more are looking for ways to give back to, and support, the communities they serve. To signal your commitment to doing good and championing your cause, choose the .ORG domain.

A Domain Built on Trust and Credibility

For more than 30 years, .ORG has conveyed credibility because it’s a domain built on trust. It’s the domain most commonly associated with organizations, companies, groups, and individuals dedicated to making the world a better place.

A Few Facts About .ORG:

  • .ORG Is the most secure domain space prioritizing safety, security, and reliability.

  • .ORG Maintains the highest standards in policies, practices, and technologies.

  • .ORG is the domain most trusted by organizations, businesses, groups, and individuals with 11 million domains under management.

By offering a trusted platform along with resources, tools, and knowledge to build a safe and secure online presence, PIR supports purpose-driven people and organizations across the globe as they make a positive impact on the communities they serve.

For Your Mission

The .ORG domain helps establish legitimacy, build trust, and empower millions of organizations to drive change in their communities.

For Your Business

.ORG stands as the natural domain of choice for businesses—both large and small—to highlight their philanthropic endeavors, strengthen their customer relationships and  illustrate their commitment to encouraging and making a positive impact on society.

For a Greater Cause

More than 50 percent of the proceeds from each .ORG domain registration goes to the Internet Society and contributes to keeping the Internet open, free, and accessible to all. There are many reasons to choose a .ORG, but your organization can feel proud that your online presence is supporting efforts to expand Internet access and helping to make the Internet a better place for all.

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Get Started

Find your domain

Determine if your potential domain names are available using our RDAP search tool. If it’s not available, there are other options, including a variety of possibilities in the .ORG Family of Domains. Registrars may offer different domain name suggestions related to your original search.If you’re set on your original domain, you may be able to acquire it in the aftermarket using brokers or domain auctions.

Register your domain

If your domain is available, choose your favorite accredited registrar and complete the domain registration process. This list of registrars offering .ORG Family of Domains products can help.

Set up your domain

Work with your IT team/hosting provider to configure your new domain so that it works for your website. Your registrar and hosting provider may also provide services to help make it easier and add additional functionality to your site, like SSL or malware protection. A good place for more information is our very own .ORG Learning center, which features a wide variety of resources that can help.

Choosing a Registrar

Registrars offer the reservation of domain names such as ORGImpactAwards.org. Registrars go through an accreditation process with PIR in org to offer .ORG and the .ORG Family of Domains.

Find a PIR Registrar

Domain Availability Search

Enter your desired domain name below.
You can also search for available domains on your chosen registrar’s website.

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