How Playing Off the Emotion of Love is Helping These .orgs Reach Passionate Supporters  

 By Malleana Ruffin, Social Media Manager, Public Interest Registry


The internet is a powerful force for making connections, sharing a passion and collaborating to make a difference. As we celebrate love this Valentine’s Day, we also want to celebrate a special group of global .org registrants using the powerful emotion of love to connect with others to make a difference.

The following .orgs showcase their mission and “pay it forward” with a love-related domain name on the .org domain extension. These organisations are diverse too, sharing their love for music, sustainability, encourage activism and more.

At Public Interest Registry, we like to think that we celebrate love every month by providing a trusted platform for our registrants to do their thing and spread love and support where it needs to go. As you celebrate love this month, consider paying it forward through a random act of kindness or by supporting an organisation that spreads the message of love throughout the year.


Do It For The

Do It For The Love is a wish-granting nonprofit organisation that brings people in need together to experience the “healing power of music.” The organisation makes live concerts of all kinds available to people living with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges and wounded veterans.

Twitter: @doit4theloveorg

Facebook: @doitfortheloveorg



One Love is movement aimed at providing resources to identify and navigate healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. The organisation’s goal is to empower people to understand that one conversation or action can make a difference and even save a life.

Twitter: @Join1Love

Facebook: @JoinOneLove



Love Does is an activism organisation supporting human right for kids in conflict zones around the world.

Twitter: @lovedoes

Facebook: @lovedoes


Live To

Live To Love is an nonprofit that supports the people of the Himalayas. They use sustainable development to protect natural resources, provide medical care and promote equality.

Twitter: @LiveToLoveIntl

Facebook: @LiveToLoveInternational


We Love

We Love Cities is the social media component of the World Wildlife Fund’s One Planet One City Challenge sustainability initiative. The campaign allows people across the world to express support for sustainable urban development.

Twitter: @WWFCities

Facebook: @WeLoveCities


Locks of

Locks of Love is an organisation that accepts donations of human hair to make wigs for Canadian and American children who’ve permanently lost their hair due to medical conditions.

Twitter: @locksoflove

Facebook: @LocksOfLove


Consider giving these organisations some love by following them on social media. And if your organisation is tapping the power of love to connect with constituents and stakeholders online, we want to hear from you! Tell us about your organisation and mission in a comment below.