Your organization is global, and so are we. To help advance the missions of organizations around the world, PIR provides a series of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). These domains enhance the current IDN versions of .ORG by allowing the script—both before and after the “dot”—to be registered and used in non-Latin languages.

These online destinations—currently available in Russian (Cyrilic) .орг, Hindi (Devanagari).संगठन, and Simplified Chinese .机构—open the Internet to billions of people in their own languages.

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Why choose .NGO and .ONG?

For deeper connections

IDNs help organizations and individuals promote their causes and positively impact the communities they serve in their native script, making it easier to share information about their efforts.

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For better opportunities

This set of internationalized domain names enable mission-driven organizations and individuals to choose memorable and intuitive domain names that describe them best. IDNs help audiences know what to expect from your online content, making it easier for them to find the information they need.

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For increased awareness

Your mission may be admirable, but you may be able to expand your online reach even further. IDNs enable you to maximize your reach to supporters and promote your good work by building an online identity in your supporter’s native language.

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Get started with Internationalized Domain Names

It’s easy to get up and running with an IDN domain. There are three basic steps to the process:

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Find your domain

Determine if your potential domain names are available using our RDAP search tool. If it’s not available, there are other options, including a variety of possibilities in the .ORG Family of Domains. Registrars may offer different domain name suggestions related to your original search.If you’re set on your original domain, you may be able to acquire it in the aftermarket using brokers or domain auctions.

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Register your domain

If your domain is available, choose your favorite accredited registrar and complete the domain registration process. This list of registrars offering .ORG Family of Domains products can help.

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Set up your domain

Work with your IT team/hosting provider to configure your new domain so that it works for your website. Your registrar and hosting provider may also provide services to help make it easier and add additional functionality to your site, like SSL or malware protection. A good place for more information is our very own .ORG Learning center, which features a wide variety of resources that can help.

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