.FOUNDATION allows philanthropic entities to clearly and immediately signal to audiences that the website belongs to an organization with a commitment to philanthropy, including nonprofit philanthropic foundations and for-profit corporations with a philanthropic arm. .FOUNDATION further empowers mission-driven organizations to engage with their communities and advance positive change.

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Why choose .FOUNDATION?

Clearly signal your purpose

.FOUNDATION can be used as a nonprofit or mission-driven organization’s online home from the start. Organizations may also choose to switch an existing site over to .FOUNDATION to send a clear signal about their specific goals and efforts.

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Support corporate social responsibility efforts

Whether as part of their core business function or a separate initiative, mission-driven organizations can use a .FOUNDATION domain name to establish a microsite dedicated to their philanthropic arms. Microsites can help streamline communication and navigation, and signal to an audience that an initiative is an area of focus.

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Strengthen initiatives and campaigns

Corporations and nonprofit organizations can secure a .FOUNDATION domain name for campaign-specific websites, fundraising initiatives, advocacy efforts, or volunteer-management.

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Secure your desired domain

In our increasingly digital world, registering a domain name can be competitive. If an organization’s desired name is already taken on some of the larger top level domains, like .ORG, the newly expanded .ORG Family of Domains, including .FOUNDATION, offers more options to secure a top-choice domain name.

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Protect your brand and identity

Nonprofit and for-profit organizations looking to defend their trademark and brand name can secure domain names across the .ORG Family of Domains—including .FOUNDATION—to prevent other entities from registering a similar-sounding website in the future.

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Get started with .FOUNDATION

It’s easy to get up and running with a .FOUNDATION domain. There are three basic steps to the process:

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Find your domain

Determine if your potential domain names are available using our RDAP search tool. If it’s not available, there are other options, including a variety of possibilities in the .ORG Family of Domains. Registrars may offer different domain name suggestions related to your original search.If you’re set on your original domain, you may be able to acquire it in the aftermarket using brokers or domain auctions.

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Register your domain

If your domain is available, choose your favorite accredited registrar and complete the domain registration process. This list of registrars offering .ORG Family of Domains products can help.

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Set up your domain

Work with your IT team/hosting provider to configure your new domain so that it works for your website. Your registrar and hosting provider may also provide services to help make it easier and add additional functionality to your site, like SSL or malware protection. A good place for more information is our very own .ORG Learning center, which features a wide variety of resources that can help.

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