Brazil has approximately 290,000 non-profit organisations according to the most recent IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) study, making it one of the top countries in the world in terms of the number of Non-Governmental Organizations (locally known as ONGs).

This is why the .ong domain can play such an important role in Brazil. For the very first time, the domain extension .ong can help identify and distinguish Brazilian ONGs as validated organisations within today’s crowded digital world.

The .ong domain extension and it’s English equivalent .ngo, are exclusive to the ONG community and are now available to Brazil’s social organisations through a Brazilian owned and operated provider. Origiweb, founded in 2003, offers domain names and web hosting services throughout Brazil. After assessing the needs of today’s social sector within the country, Origiweb chose to be a key supporter to ONGs that want to set up and increase their online presence. By becoming a reseller of the .ong domain, Origiweb becomes the first reseller in Brazil to provide an exclusive online suite of services to local ONGs, including .ngo domain, hosting with site builder and email accounts.

“It is with great pride that we are engaging with Public Interest Registry to offer .ong to Brazilian ONGs,” said Rafael Santos, founder and CEO of Origiweb. “This is a very special initiative for supporting our social organisations, which will establish credibility, enhance visibility and will attract more donors by adopting these specific domain extensions.”

By registering for the .ong domain, ONGs have the opportunity to become members of OnGood. OnGood is an online directory designed with and for ONGs and nonprofits worldwide, providing them with a suite of online services to help raise funds, build awareness and generate support for their causes. Having a profile on OnGood will be extremely valuable for Brazilian ONGs to connect with donors and other organisations both domestically and internationally.

“We are excited to see a local domain provider offer the .ong domain name in Brazil. Origiweb will be a key partner to increase awareness and to facilitate the entrance of Brazilian ONGs in the Internet space with an .ong domain name,” stated Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry.

The .ong domain, along with the .ngo extension, are now available for registration through the Origiweb website. Brazilian ONGs may learn more via

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