Webinar: Post COVID-19 Data Trends

Data tells a story. Data provides a narrative. Data gives us a past, present, and future. It shows us the lessons that we should take from the past, the changes that we should make in the present, and the direction we should take in the future. Simply put, data tells a story and understanding data allows charities and non-profit organizations to change their next chapter.

In a webinar hosted by Charity Digital, successful organizations reflected on the past year and the many lessons learned due to COVID-19. The pandemic pushed charities to adopt short-term solutions for short-term problems, but many of those solutions have long-term viability. Some charities were forced to evolve their digital strategies which often resulted in them stumbling on innovation. And the successful charities of the future reviewed recent data, learn lessons, and heed advice.

View the full webinar along with helpful resources here.

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