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When you market PIR domains to your customers, you work with a well-regarded registry driven by the highest standards and principles. PIR plays a role in providing a place for those needing to define their identity online. Your customers will know that at PIR, we always operate with transparency and integrity.

Work With Us

To protect and advance the interests of the Internet community, we rely on sound collaboration with our registrars. It is part of PIR’s personality. Working to strengthen these relationships, PIR provides regular updates, sales support, marketing materials and incentive programs. PIR constantly asks for your feedback, and we’ll listen to what you have to say. If we can do something better, we will.

Create New Opportunities

PIR has developed a Resource Center to help you effectively market our top-level domains. PIR invites you to take advantage of the tools in the Marketing Toolkits to help increase your PIR domain registrations, renewals and website usage through effective product positioning.

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