We have developed a Resource Center to help you effectively market our domain names. We invite you to take advantage of the tools in the Resource Center to help increase your domain registrations, renewals and website usage.

Guidelines for Use of Trademarks and Logos

“Public Interest Registry,” “PIR”, the .org logo, the Public Interest Registry logo, and all other marks and logos in these Guidelines are registered or unregistered trademarks and service marks of Public Interest Registry.

Our logos are the most visible form of our brand identity, and represent our intellectual resources and high standards. The legal restrictions outlined below must be observed by those who wish to use Public Interest Registry’s logos.

The logos may only be used in close proximity to, or in obvious connection with any material, including published articles, blog posts, or broadcast news stories, relating to Public Interest Registry, .org, .орг, .机构, and .संगठन or a specific Public Interest Registry product or service.

The logos may not be copied, distributed, or used apart from the material relating to the company or the applicable product or service.

The logos must be used as provided by Public Interest Registry with no changes, including, but not limited to, changes in the color, proportions, or design, or removal of any words, artwork, or trademark symbols. The logos may not be animated, morphed, or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance. Changes in size are acceptable, as long as proportions are maintained.

To present a logo properly, a minimum clearance between the logo and other elements must be maintained. Some logos comprise both text and graphics. Such logos should be displayed in their entirety; do not delete any text that surrounds such logos.

Marketing Toolkits

To download our logo and toolkit, please send your request by filling this form below and the links will be provided to you by email immediately. You will receive:
  • Public Interest Registry logos and style guide
  • .ORG Toolkit
  • .NGO & .ONG Toolkit
  • Chinese IDN Toolkit
  • Hindi IDN Toolkit
  • Russian IDN Toolkit