Working internationally not only offers a chance to expand branding efforts, but it’s also an opportunity to learn – about the customs, local businesses, and the people across international borders. Our team is grateful to have this opportunity to travel near and far, and to participate in collaborative, global partnerships in our efforts to better understand how people all over the world inject social good into their business culture to better their local communities.

Did you know?

  • According to the latest statistics from SEUK, social enterprises in Britain contribute approximately £24billion to the country’s economy and are responsible for providing nearly 1 million jobs?
  • In Mumbai alone, nonprofit organisations educate more than 250,000 children on a daily basis. (The Guardian)
  • According to recent data from the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), about $200 Million (£118m) was invested in Brazilian social enterprises by private investors and investment funds in the year 2014. (BBC)

How are we supporting organisations like these, you ask? We are the people behind the .ORG domain – a global, digital community of people doing good. We take pride in helping companies, organisations and individuals like you amplify your voice and social movements online, on .ORG.

So, what’s yours?

See some of the snapshots of .ORG going global below:

Building Ad with isimtescil on a busy highway in Istanbul, Turkey.

.ORG party in New Delhi, India at ResellerClub’s Hosting Summit.

Human billboards in Time Square, NYC

Brush Square Bash with at SXSW!