Internet Hall of Fame Inductee to Serve Two-Year Term

RESTON, Va. – September 30, 2015 –  Public Interest Registry — the not-for-profit manager of .org, .ngo and .ong — today announced the appointment of Dorcas Muthoni to the board of directors of nonprofit domain registrar Enset, a subsidiary organization. Muthoni, a member of the Internet Hall of Fame and CEO and founder of OPENWORLD LTD, will begin a two-year term as director this month.

Muthoni is an accomplished entrepreneur and computer scientist whose leadership and technology advocacy has been recognized by groups including the Anita Borg Institute for Women, Women’s Forum and the World Economic Forum. In addition to serving as an Internet Society Fellow to the Internet Engineering Task Force and World Bank infoDev Global Forum, Muthoni is the founder of AfChix, a mentorship and capacity building initiative for women in computing across Africa.

“The Internet can provide NGOs and nonprofits with so many powerful tools to advance their missions and I’ve seen firsthand how technology can make a positive impact,” said Muthoni. “Enset’s mission to serve organizations who might not have the means or skills to access these digital tools is critical to ensuring all NGOs and nonprofits can be a part of the global online community.”

Founded in 2015 by Public Interest Registry, Enset supports nonprofits around the world as a trusted provider of digital tools for NGOs to use the Internet to advance their own mission. The registrar enables organisations to register their .ngo and .ong domains as part of OnGood, a suite of services exclusively for NGOs to improve visibility, raise funds and better connect with their audiences. Enset will also provide .org – the third largest top-level domain.

Muthoni joins two other experienced technology and philanthropy leaders on Enset’s board of directors. Erik Huizer joined Enset’s board of directors in 2014 as chairman and is the current chief technology officer at SURFnet, the national education and research network provider in the Netherlands. Jenny Hodgson, who was also appointed to Enset’s board of directors in 2014, is the executive director of the Global Fund for Community Foundations.

“Muthoni Dorcas’ background, expertise and strategic vision will make her an instrumental member of the Enset board,” said Maarten Botterman, Chairman of Public Interest Registry’s Board of Directors. “Combined with our existing directors, Dorcas’ leadership and guidance will help us position Enset as the only nonprofit domain registrar committed to helping organisations of all sizes and reach leverage the power of the Internet to raise awareness, funds and support for their missions and causes.”

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