December 21 Acting in the Public’s Best Interest: Public Interest Registry’s Mission to Educate the Global Community on the Value of Cultivating Online Identity
August 15 How buying a .ORG domain supports the community
April 4 Public Interest Registry has promoted two people in its senior finance team
March 28 11 Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact
February 20 Importance of online fundraising grows for nonprofits
January 18 Digital Donors Changing Charitable Communication


August 10 Another One Percent Problem To Solve
April 8 How NGOs Around the World Use Technology and Social Media
February 19 Domain Registration on Record Pace? Over 750K Added Yesterday Alone


August 6 Public Interest Registry Elects Global Leaders to Inaugural NGO Community Advisory Council
September 11

Public Interest Registry Releases New Single Character .ORG Domain Names

January 21 Public Interest Registry Announces Launch Dates for OnGood


November 6 NGOs will get exclusive domain extension ‘.ngo’ from January
October 2 Public Interest Registry Seeks Leaders to Serve on its NGO Community Advisory Council
October 1 Public Interest Registry Seeks Leaders To Serve On Its NGO Community Advisory Council
September 11 March Of Dimes Switches Its Website Domain From .Com to .Org
August 26 Public Interest Registry to Speak About Upcoming Launch of .ngo and .ong Domains for NPOs
August 25 Public Interest Registry Names Marc Saitta As Chief Financial Officer
August 20 Pinoy NGOs can now get their own exclusive internet domains
August 19 Exclusive Web domain for NGOs launched next year
August 18 Women LEAD Announced Winner of the WhyIChose.org Contest
August 18 Philippine non-profits to get exclusive domain .NGO
August 18 NGOs getting web domain
August 14 Domain .NGO to be launched for non-government orgs
August 6 The impact of the expanding web on charities
July 29 ICANN : Registry Services Technical Evaluation Panel Report on PIR’s Request to Implement Technical Bundling in .NGO and .ONG
July 1 PIR Names Ex-Verisign VP Dave Stewart VP Of Sales And Marketing For .Org/.Ngo/.Ong
June 24 Why your nonprofit’s URL matters
June 23 .NGO domain name: a go or no go for charities and NGOs?
June 23 Public Interest Registry Seeks Board Members To Lead Its New Retail Entity
June 20 Public Interest Registry Seeks Board Members To Lead Its New Retail Entity
June 13 Allison+Partners Takes Home Two PRSA Silver Anvil Awards
May 27 Public Interest Registry Offers New Internationalized Domain Names To General Public
May 27 PIR Registry (.Org) Launches 3 New gTLD IDN’s Of Organization Into General Availability Today
May 23 Kenya: SOA, Mr Brown Otuya Speech During the Meeting On ICT Opportunities for NGOs
May 22 NGOs get own domain
May 22 What’s the Go With Dot ngo?
May 21 Kenya’s NGOs Could Soon Adopt a New Online Identity, “.NGO”
May 17 How To Register .ngo and .ong Domain Names for Your Nonprofit or NGO
May 7 Allison+Partners Takes Top Honors at 2014 SABRE Awards
April 24 New NFP domains set to launch
April 22 Registry To Launch New Charity Web Domains
April 22 Public Interest Registry Announces Sunrise Period For New Internationalised Domain Names
April 14 “Organisation” se conjugue désormais en cyrillique, hindi et chinois simplifié avec les nouvelles extensions en IDN .орг / . संगठन /.机构
March 24 Here comes ‘dot NGO’
March 23 PIR Lists Four Reasons Why to Register a .NGO
March 18 Nouvelles extensions des noms de domaine, pourquoi faire?
March 17 11 Nonprofit Professionals Share Social Media and Technology Advice for Nonprofits via Instagram Video
March 17 For the Global NGO Community, Expanding Web Can Be a Game-Changing Development
March 4 Nom de domaine : une révolution pour les ONG !’
February 19 Le .NGO/.ONG, une révolution pour les associations
February 16 Une e-révolution pour les ONG
December 31 It’s Time for Privacy Progress in ICANN
November 29 Just in Time for Christmas, One Lucky Non-Profit Organization Will Get a Free $35,000 Website Makeover from .ORG Registry Operator PIR
November 25 Voting Opens For .ORG Website Makeover Contest
October 24 ICANN ushers in new internet era in top-level domains
October 15 Non-Profits And Community Groups Win A Website With .ORG
October 15 Non-Profits And Community Groups Win A Website With .ORG
October 14 Public Interest Registry Launches Website Makeover Contest
October 15 NSA Leaks Prompt Rethinking of U.S. Control Over the Internet’s Infrastructure
October 14 .ORG Launches Website Makeover Contest
October 14 Public Interest Registry Announces .ORG Website Makeover Contest
October 7 Terminação ‘.ong’, que chega em 2015, será apenas para filantrópicas
October 4 People & Companies in the News: Public Interest Registry, Demand Media’s Steve Banfield and Hilco Streambank
October 1 Patrick, Forces will sport pink gear
September 30 Public Interest Registry Unveils New Brand Identity
September 30 PIR rebrands, talks up “Facebook-like” new gTLDs
September 30 PIR Unveils New Brand, Logo
September 24 Real Time Monitoring of Kelihos Fast Flux Botnet: A Case Study for APWG eCrime 2013
September 16 Fazendo o bem ao transformar comunidades offline em online
September 5 Dot NGO domain set for 2014 launch
September 4 .ORG Registrations Increase By 13.6% In First Half 2013
September 4 .Org Registrations up 13.6% in 1st Half of 2013 to 10.3 Million
August 29 Amitabh Singhal Joins Public Interest Registry Board
August 27 ICANN Approves Renewal Of .Info; .Org and .Biz Registry Contracts Without URS Being Included
August 26 Five domain name sessions pitched for SXSW 2014
August 23 Russian Registrar Regtime Ltd. Lose Two Legal Rights Objections To PIR’s .OPR & .Verisign’s .KOM
August 23 Verisign and PIR get wins for IDN top level domain names
August 21 How Will New gTLDs Affect Dot Net and Dot Org Values?
August 5 Move aside, .com: .wed, other domains will make Internet more crowded
August 5 Afilias forecasts 5,000 to 50,000 domains for its new TLDs after three years
August 1 The World of Internet Threats Is Constantly Changing
July 23 Wow, you can still hand-register 3-char .ORG domains
July 19 .NGOs – The Next Web Frontier?
July 17 PIR: We think we’ll get 1 million .NGO domain name registrations
July 16 Ein Facebook für NGOs
July 4 Interviews from HostingCon 2013 – Anand Vora (PIR) and Bob Mountain (AfterNic)
July 1 Godaddy Sells 38,155 Domains In June Led By Fortnite.com For $71,500 & Two .Org’s
June 28 90 New gTLD Pass IE: .Apple; .Baidu; .AOL; .CBS; .Republican; .Navy; .CPA
June 24 New .org contract could make registrars sign up to 2013 RAA
June 22 ICANN : Proposed Renewal of .ORG gTLD Registry Agreement
June 21 100 New gTLD Pass IE: Moscow, .Wales; .Lol; .NBA; .Target; .HSBC; .Ninja
June 19 Terceiro setor busca expansão online com domínios .ong e .ngo
June 13 Domínio ‘.ong’ quer fortalecer terceiro setor
[Download PDF]
June 10 1,400 New Domain Names Are Coming. What Does It Mean For You?
June 10 Online Giving in Times of Tragedy: Avoiding Charity Scams and Donating Safely
June 3 Forget .com: Get ready for .google and .apple
May 29 The changing internet: What organisations need to consider
May 26 Internet : les organisations non gouvernementales disposeront de leur propre extension
[Download PDF]
May 24 Exclusif. Brian Cute (interview) : « Les noms de domaine les plus courts seront les meilleurs »
May 16 INTERVIEW: The Public Interest Registry on how new domain names will change
April 29 New web addresses for NGOs and non-profits
April 20 .ORG Registry : In terms of trust and information, .ORG ranks ahead of .COM , .Info and .NET
April 19 .ORG ranks first in terms of trust and information ahead of .com, .info and .net
April 4 Report: Signed Root Deployment – Framing the Issues (DNSSEC Industry Coalition, 2009)
April 3 dot Brand or dot What? Consumers Unaware of New TLDs, Including .Google, .Microsoft and .Nike
April 1 eNom Readies One and Two-Character .ORG Domain Auction
April 1 eNom’s Auction of 39 One and Two Character .ORG Domains Including 1.org
April 1 eNom Offers Premium .ORG Domains Exclusively in Auction
March 27 The web’s oldest dark art: Can spam be canned?
March 25 With 3 days to go, TS.org leads 1-2 character .org auction at $2,475
March 22 Objections filed against .com and .org IDN top level domains
March 19 Another first for DiaMatrix with new international ICANN accreditation
March 18 Exclusive .ORG domain names, 1 and 2 characters !
March 18 Will SXSW 2014 be known as the year of the domain?
March 18 Valuable single- and two-character domain names auction begins today
March 15 Special TLD Auction at Godaddy on .ORG Domain Names
March 14 .NGO / .ONG domain names becoming available
March 13 Want to sell your new TLD through Go Daddy? KISS.
March 13 Historic Single- & Two-Character .ORG Auction to Bring Great Names Online
March 12 Lack of New gTLD Education Threatens SMB Adoption: Sedo Study
March 10 Godaddy .ORG One and Two-Character Domain Name Auction Starts 3/18/2013!
March 8 How the Internet Mobilizes People and Movements
March 1 Public Interest Registry veröffentlicht Halbjahresbericht: .ORG-Domain zeigt kontinuierliches Wachstum
March 1 .org 2012 Report: total domains up 4.3%, net gain 416,301 registrations to reach 10.1 million
March 1 .ORG Domain Registrations Increase By 12% In Second Half 2012
February 28 Public Interest Registry divulga relatório que revela o crescimento do domínio .ORG
February 28 Public Interest Registry presenta un informe que revela el crecimiento continuo del dominio .ORG
February 28 Public Interest Registry Releases Report Revealing Continued Growth of the .ORG Domain
February 28 10.1 Million .ORG Domains and Counting
February 27 Afilias Advises ICANN Of 10% .INFO Registry Fee Hike
February 27 Public Interest Registry Targets International Markets for .org Growth
February 25 Oakley goes after counterfeiters and their domain names
February 21 Public Interest Registry s’ouvre aux candidatures spontanées pour les inscriptions aux domaines .NGO et .ONG
February 21 Public Interest Registry nimmt unverbindliche Vorbestellungen für die Registrierung von .NGO- und .ONG-Domains entgegen
February 21 Public Interest Registry s’ouvre aux candidatures spontanées pour les inscriptions aux domaines .NGO et .ONGh
February 21 .Org Project 94 kicks off next month
February 20 Public Interest Registry Accepts Expressions of Interest for .NGO and .ONG Domains
February 19 Public Interest Registry Opens Call For Expressions Of Interest For .NGO And .ONG Domain Registrations
February 19 PIR opens pre-registration for dot-ngo
February 19 Public Interest Registry Opens Call For Expressions Of Interest For .NGO And .ONG Domain Registrations
February 19 PIR asks for expressions of interest for .NGO and .ONG domain registrations coming in 2014
February 19 PIR Opens Pre-Registrations For .NGO and .ONG New TLDs
February 19 PIR Opens Pre-Registrations For .NGO and .ONG New TLDs
February 19 Public Interest Registry Opens Call for Expressions of Interest for .NGO & .ONG Domain Registrations
February 19 PIR starts pre-registration for .ngo domain names
February 19 Go Daddy to Auction 42 Single & Two Character .ORG Domains
February 19 Go Daddy to Auction 42 Single & Two Character .ORG Domains
February 18 Approval To Bid On 1 & 2 Character .Org Domains At Godaddy.com Opens Today
February 17 Community TLD Applicant Group asks from ICANN a clearer definition of Community TLDs in new gTLD Registry Agreement
February 16 ICANN : Composition of the Accountability & Transparency Review Team 2 (ATRT 2)
February 14 Internet Society’s President and CEO to Step Down in February 2014
February 11 The domain registry business is really diverse
January 29 .com is still the best choice
January 11 An Alternative to .org? Say Hello to .ngo
January 10 .Org wholesale price to increase to $8.25