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How .ORG Can Help Keep You Healthy

Jul 9th, 2019 in ORG, Uncategorized

Highlighting Organizations on the .ORG Domain that Promote Health and Wellness

By Tony Connor, Marketing Operations Manager, Public Interest Registry

Regular physical activity, eating healthy, and managing your stress levels are all ingredients that contribute to a person’s overall physical …

PIR Welcomes Renewed .ORG Agreement

Jun 28th, 2019 in ORG, Uncategorized

Dear .ORG Community:

ICANN has renewed the .ORG Registry Agreement to be consistent with the standard registry agreements already in place for more than 1,200 other top-level domain extensions in the marketplace. This is an encouraging milestone as it demonstrates …

PIR Thought Leadership: Have You Met Suzanne Woolf?

Jun 23rd, 2019 in Culture, Domains, Technology, Uncategorized

By Anand Vora, Vice President of Business Affairs, Public Interest Registry

Back in 1994, Joel Kurtzman, the founding editor-in-chief of the business publication Strategy & Business, coined the term “thought leadership,” which was the name of a rubric he …

Tips on Preparing a Nomination for The .ORG Impact Awards

Jun 18th, 2019 in ORG, Uncategorized

By Tony Connor, Marketing Operations Manager, Public Interest Registry

We hope you’ve heard the great news: Public Interest Registry has launched The .ORG Impact Awards –a new recognition program highlighting all the good things happening on the .ORG domain. The …

Announcing the First .ORG Impact Awards!

Jun 6th, 2019 in .org websites, Uncategorized

A New Public Interest Registry Initiative to Celebrate Stellar .ORG Organisations

By Jim LeFevre, Senior Director of Marketing for Public Interest Registry

Public Interest Registry is proud to announce a new recognition program highlighting the organisations, clubs, communities, etc. who …

Debunking Domain Industry Myths: All the Good Domains Are Already Taken

By Lauren Lao, Marketing Communications Manager, Public Interest Registry

As a part of our ongoing Domain Industry blog series, we are excited to introduce a new theme focused on debunking common domain industry myths. Before we get started, make sure …

It’s All About the Family: Resources to Help Families Thrive

May 15th, 2019 in Community, Uncategorized

By Lauren Lao, Marketing Communications Manager, Public Interest Registry

The .ORG domain is used by organizations large and small to connect, aid and inspire their communities. One community “subset” that may not realize the multitude of resources available to them …

An Open Letter to the .ORG Community

May 1st, 2019 in ORG, Uncategorized

Dear .ORG Community:

Now that the ICANN public comment period has expired on the proposed .ORG Registry Agreement renewal, we would like to respond to some concerns that have been raised about moving .ORG to the standard registry agreement.

It …

Why April is Public Interest Registry’s Favorite Time of Year

Apr 15th, 2019 in Culture, Uncategorized

By ‘C’ Culpepper, Office Administrator, Public Interest Registry

Here at Public Interest Registry (PIR), April is our favorite month. Not because the cherry blossoms are in full bloom here in the DMV. Not because temperatures are warming and we can …

Inaugural Global Trends in Giving Report Evaluates Donor Habits Worldwide

Oct 5th, 2017 in Uncategorized

By: Tony Connor, Director of Marketing, Public Interest Registry

In a world filled with conflicting viewpoints, it’s refreshing to see people around the world come together for the common good – supporting the work of nonprofits, NGOs and charitable organizations. …

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