Vineet Kumar, the Founder and President of Cyber Peace Foundation, has 17 years of experience in cyber security which started when he founded the National Anti-Hacking Group – an association which today has more than 10,000 members across the globe. Cyber Peace Foundation, an award-winning NGO and global think tank of cyber security and policy experts based in Jharkhand, India, was formed with the vision of pioneering cyber peace initiatives to build collective resiliency against cybercrimes and global threats of cyber warfare.

Mr. Kumar served in the significant position of “Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Chief of the State Government agency, Cyber Defense Research Centre (CDRC) of Jharkhand Police. He has received media recognition as well as international accolades and honors since the age of 14 for his entrepreneurial achievements. Recognized by the Government of India with multiple awards recognizing his achievements in the areas of Civil Society, IT, Cyber Security and Entrepreneurship he continues to be at the forefront to ensure knowledge sharing among multi stakeholders of society through various platforms such as TEDx, Trend Mico Executive Defense Summit, Internet Governance Forum, Ground Zero to name a few.

In the capacity of member of various forums such as “Cyber Security Task Force of NASSCOM-DSCI” setup by the Hon. Prime Minister of India, “Expert Group on Cyber Security, AICTE, NCPCR Govt of India” among many others, Mr. Vineet Kumar continues to serve the nation through his prudent initiatives in the ever evolving cyber threat landscape.