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Registrars are companies authorized to register domain names from Public Interest Registry.

Note: .org Registrars that have passed the Public Interest Registry test for DNSSEC will have a “Yes*” indicator below. However, this does not necessarily mean the registrar is offering a DNSSEC service to their customers at this time. Please contact the registrars directly for their current DNSSEC service information. For new TLDs, all registrars will be required to pass DNSSEC testing.

Pro tip: Click the table headers to sort registrars by TLD. & .ong.ОРГ.संगठन.机构
!#No1Registrar, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
!AlohaNIC LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
#1 Internet Services International, Inc. dba 1IsIYesNoNoNoNo
007Names, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
0101 Internet Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
1&1 Internet AGYesNoNoNoNo
101Domain Discovery LimitedYes*NoNoNoNo
101domain, Inc.Yes*YesYesYesYes
10dencehispahard, S.L.YesNoNoNoNo
1API GmbHYes*YesYesYesYes
2030138 Ontario Inc. dba and dba GoodLuckDomain.comYes*YesNoNoNo
22net, IncYesNoNoNoNo
Abraham Lincoln, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Achilles 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. (AIT)YesNoNoNoNo
Aerotek Bilisim Taahut Sanayi Ve Ticaret Ltd Sti. Yes*NoNoNoNo
Afterdark Domains, IncorporatedYesNoNoNoNo
Alantron Bilisim Ltd Sti.YesNoNoNoNo
AllGlobalNames, S.A. dba Cyberegistro.comYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Alpnames LimitedYes*NoNoNoNo
Amazon Registrar, Inc.YesNoYesYesYes
Annam, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Annulet LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Anytime Sites, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Apollo 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
April Sea Information TechnologyYesNoNoNoNo
Arctic Names, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Ares 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Argo Technologies LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Aristotle 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Arsys Internet, S.L. dba NICLINE.COMYesNoNoNoNo
Arthur Pendragon, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ascio Technologies, Inc. Danmark � Filial af Ascio technologies, Inc. USAYes*YesYesYesYes
Asiadomains, IncorporatedYesNoNoNoNo
AsiaRegister, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Astutium LimitedYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Attila the Hun, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Automattic Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Azdomainz, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Azprivatez, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Badger Inc.YesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
BB Online UK LimitedYes*YesYesYesYes
BDL Systemes SAS dba ProDomainesYes*NoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Beijing Guoxu Network Technology Co., Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoYes
Beijing Innovative Linkage Technology Ltd. dba
Beijing Sanfront Information Technology Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Benjamin Franklin 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Big House ServicesYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
BigRock Solutions Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Billy the Kid, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Binero ABYes*NoNoNoNo, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Blacknight Internet SolutionsYesNoNoNoNo
Blisternet, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Blue Fractal, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Blue Razor Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Bottle Domains, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
BR domain Inc. dba Yes*NoNoNoNo SARLYes*NoNoNoNo
Brandon Gray Internet Services Inc. dba Namejuice.comYesNoNoNoNo
Briarwood Technologies Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Buddha, LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Canyon Gate Holdings LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Center of Ukrainian Internet Names (UKRNAMES)YesNoNoNoNo
Charlemagne 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Charles Darwin, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
China Springboard, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
ChinaNet Technology (SuZhou) CO., LTDYesNoNoNoNo
Christian Investments LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Click Registrar, Inc. d/b/a publicdomainregistry.comYes*NoNoNoNo
Cloud Group LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
CloudFlare, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Confucius, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Constantine the Great, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
COREhub, S.R.L.Yes*NoYesYesYes
CPS-Datensysteme GmbHYes*NoNoNoNo
Crazy Domains FZ-LLCYes*YesNoNoNo
Crisp Names, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Cronon AGYesNoNoNoNo
Crosscert, Inc. DBA Cosmotown, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.Yes*NoYesYesYes
CSL Computer Service Langenbach GmbH d/b/a joker.comYes*NoNoNoNo
CV. JogjacampYesNoNoNoNo
CV. Rumahweb IndonesiaYesNoNoNoNo
Cyrus the Great, LLC YesNoNoNoNo
Dagnabit, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Dainam, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Dalai Lama, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
DanDomain A/SYes*NoNoNoNo SRLYesNoNoNoNo
Deerwood Investments LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Deluxe Small Business Sales, Inc. d/b/a Aplus.netYesNoNoNoNo
Demys LmitedYes*NoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Deutsche Telekom AGYes*NoNoNoNo
Dharana Domains Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Diamatrix C.C.YesNoNoNoNo
Dinahosting slYes*YesNoNoNo
Discount Domains, Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
DNC Holdings, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Domain Monkeys, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Domain Registration Services, Inc. dba dotEarth.comYesNoNoNoNo
Domain Rouge, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Domain The Net Technologies Ltd.Yes*YesNoNoNo
Domain-It!, Inc. dba Domain-It!YesNoNoNoNo, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo, LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
DomainContext, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Domaininfo AB, aka domaininfo.comYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
DomainName Highway LLCYesNoNoNoNo
DomainName, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Domainnovations, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
DomainPeople, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
DomainRegi LLCYesNoNoNoNo Inc.YesNoNoNoNo CorporationYesNoNoNoNo
DomainSnap, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Domeneshop AS dba domainnameshop.comYesNoNoNoNo
Domerati, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
DomReg Services Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Dot Holding Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
DotAlliance Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
DotArai Co., LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Dotname Korea CorpYesNoNoNoNo
DotRoll Kft.YesNoNoNoNo
Douglas MacArthur, LLC YesNoNoNoNo
Dropoutlet, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Dwight D. Eisenhower, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Dynadot, LLCYes*YesYesYesYes
Dynadot11 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot12 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot13 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot14 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot15 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot16 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot17 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot3 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot4 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot5 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot6 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot7 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot8 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynadot9 LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Dynamic Network Services, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
easyDNS TechnologiesYesNoNoNoNo
Easyspace LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
eBrandSecure, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ednit Software Private LimitedYes*NoNoNoNo
EIMS (Shenzhen) Culture & TechnologyYesNoNoNoNo
EJEE Group Holdings LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
ELB Group Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Emerald Registrar LimitedYes*YesNoNoNo
Emirates Telecommunications Corporation - Etisalat-YesNoNoNoNo
eName Technology Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Enameco, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
EnCirca, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Enetica Pty LtdYesNoNoNoNo
eNom Corporate, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
eNom, Inc.Yes*YesNoNoNo
eNom625, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
eNomATe, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Enombre, CorporationYesNoNoNoNo
eNomEU, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
eNomMx, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Entorno Digital, S.A.Yes*YesNoNoNo
EPAG Domainservices GmbHYesNoNoNoNo
Epik, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Eric the Red, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Erwin Rommel, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
EuroDNS S.A.Yes*NoYesYesYes
Everyones Internet, Ltd. dba SoftLayerYesNoNoNoNo
EvoPlus Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Excalibur, LLCYesNoNoNoNo Pty LtdYesNoNoNoNo
FastDomain Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
FBS, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
FeNomINAL, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Fiducia LLC, Latvijas ParstavniecibaYesNoNoNoNo
Firstserver, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
FoShan YiDong Network Co., LTDYesNoNoNoNo
Freeparking Domain Registrars, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
FreeStyle Name Holdings Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
French Connexion dba domaine.frYes*YesNoNoNo
Fujian Litian Network Technology Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Funpeas Media Ventures, LLC dba DomainProcessor.comYesNoNoNoNo
Fushi TarazuYesNoNoNoNo
Gabia, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Gal Communication (CommuniGal) Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Galileo Galilei, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Gandi SASYes*YesYesYesYes
Genghis Khan, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Genious Communications SARL/AUYesNoNoNoNo
George S. Patton, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
George Washington 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ghana Dot Com Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
GKG.NET, INC. (Formerly GK Group L.L.C.)Yes*NoNoNoNo
Global Domains International, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Global Village GmbHYesNoNoNoNo
GMO Internet, Inc. dba Onamae.comYesNoNoNoNo
Go Australia Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Go Canada Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Go China Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Go France Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Go Montenegro Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Google, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
GP Domains Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Gransy, s.r.o. d/b/a subreg.czYes*NoYesYesYes
Green Destiny, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Guangzhou Ehost Tech. Co. Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Guangzhou Ming Yang Information Technology Co. Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
HANGANG Systems, Inc. dba Doregi.comYesNoNoNoNo
Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co., LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Hannibal Barca, LLC YesNoNoNoNo
Heavens Will, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Hercules 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Hichina Zhicheng Technology LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
Honjo Masamune, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Host Name Services Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a OpenproviderYes*YesYesYesYes
Hosting Ukraine LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Hrunting, LLCYesNoNoNoNo Internet GmbHYes*NoNoNoNo
Humeia CorporationYes*NoNoNoNo
Ignitela, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
IHS Telekom, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Ilait ABYesNoNoNoNo
Imperial Registrations, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
In2net Network, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
INAMES Co. Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Inic GmbHYesNoNoNoNo
Instra Corporation Pty LtdYes*YesYesYesYes
Interdominios, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
INTERDOTcom Corp.YesNoNoNoNo
Interlink Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
International Registration Services Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Internet Capital Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Internet Domain Service BS CorpYesNoNoNoNo
Internet Invest, Ltd. dba Imena.uaYesNoNoNoNo
Internet NAYANA, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Internetters LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
InterNetworX Ltd. & Co. KGYes*NoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Intracom Middle East FZEYesNoNoNoNo
IP Mirror Pte Ltd dba IP MirrorYes*YesYesYesYes
Isaac Newton, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Isoroku Yamamoto, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
James Madison, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co. Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Joan of Arc, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Joyeuse, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Julius Caesar, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Karl Von Clausewitz, LLC YesNoNoNoNo
Kaunas University of Technology, Information Technology Development Institue dba Domreg.ItYesNoNoNoNo
Key-Systems GmbHYes*NoYesYesYes
Key-Systems, LLCYes*YesYesYesYes SAYesNoNoNoNo Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
KuwaitNET General Trading Co.Yes*NoNoNoNo
La Tizone, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ladas Domains LLCYesNoNoNoNo Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
LCN.COM Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo GmbHYes*NoNoNoNo
Leif Ericson, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Leonardo da Vinci, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Leonidas, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Lexsynergy LimitedYes*YesYesYesYes
Ligne Web Services SARLYes*NoNoNoNo
LiquidNet Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
LLC "Registrar of domain names REG.RU"YesNoNoNoNo
LogicBoxes Naming Services Ltd Yes*YesYesYesYes
MAFF Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Mahatma Gandhi, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Mailclub SASYes*YesYesYesYes
Mailinh, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
MainReg Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo International, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
MarkMonitor Inc.Yes*YesYesYesYes
Mat Bao Trading & Service Company Limited d/b/a Mat BaoYesNoNoNoNo
Maximus, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Megazone Corp.YesNoNoNoNo
Melbourne IT Ltd trading as Internet Names WorldwideYesNoNoNoNo
Mesh Digital LimitedYes*NoNoNoNo
Mijn InternetOplossing B.V.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Minds and Machines LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Minds and Machines Registrar UK LimitedYesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Mister NameYesNoNoNoNo
Mobile Name Services, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Moniker Online Services LLC dba Moniker.comYesNoNoNoNo
Mountain Domains Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Name Trance LLCYesNoNoNoNo LLCYes*YesYesYesYes LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
NameCentral, Inc.Yes*YesYesYesYes, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Names in Motion, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
NameScout Corp.YesNoNoNoNo
Namesecure L.L.C.YesNoNoNoNo
NameShield SASYesNoNoNoNo
NameSilo, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Namespro Solutions Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
NameWeb BVBAYes*YesNoNoNo
Namezero, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Napoleon Bonaparte, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Naugus Limited LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Net 4 India LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
Net Logistics Pty LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
NetArt Sp. z.o.oYes*NoNoNoNo
Netdorm, Inc. dba DnsExit.comYesNoNoNoNo
NetEarth One Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Netistrar LimitedYes*NoNoNoNo
Netowl, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
NetraCorp LLC dba Global InternetYesNoNoNoNo
NetTuner Corp. dba Webmasters.comYesNoNoNoNo
Network Solutions, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Networking4all B.V.YesNoNoNoNo Domain Service GmbHYes*NoNoNoNo
NEUBOX Internet S.A. de C.V.YesNoNoNoNo
New Dream Network, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Nhan Hoa Software Company Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Nics Telekomunikasyon Ticatet Ltd. StiYesNoNoNoNo
Nictrade Internet Identity Provider ABYesNoNoNoNo
Nom-Iq Ltd DBA Com LaudeYes*YesYesYesYes
Nominalia Internet S.L.YesNoNoNoNo
Nordreg ABYesNoNoNoNo
Odysseus 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Omni 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Omnis Network, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Online Name Services Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Online SASYes*NoNoNoNo
OnlineNIC, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
OpenTLD B.V.YesNoNoNoNo
Ourdomains LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
Own Identity, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
P.A. Viet Nam Company LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
Pacific Online Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
pair Networks, Inc. dba pairNICYes*NoNoNoNo
Paknic (Private) LimitedYesNoNoNoNo
Papaki LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Paragon Internet Group Ltd t/a Paragon NamesYes*NoNoNoNo
PDR Ltd. d/b/a PublicDomainRegistry.comYes*YesYesYesYes
Perseus 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Peter the Great, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Pheenix, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
PierX, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
PlanetDomain Pty LtdYesNoNoNoNo
PlanetHoster Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Plato 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Porkbun LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Poseidon 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Powered by LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Protocol Internet Technology Limited T/A Hosting IrelandYes*NoNoNoNo
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain RobotYes*NoNoNoNo
PT Ardh Global IndonesiaYesNoNoNoNo
Purenic Japan Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Purity Names IncorporatedYesNoNoNoNo
Radu Damian, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ramses II, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Realtime Register B.V.Yes*NoNoNoNo Corp.YesNoNoNoNo Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Regional Network Information Center, JSC dba RU-CENTERYes*NoYesNoNo
Register Names, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Register NV dba Register.euYesNoNoNoNo Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Register4Less, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
RegistrarSEC LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Registration Technologies, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
RegistryGate GmbHYes*NoNoNoNo
Regtime Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Rethem Hosting LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Richard the Lionheart 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Robert E. Lee, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Rockenstein AGYesNoNoNoNo
SafeNames Ltd.Yes*YesYesYesYes
Samjung Data Service Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Scipio Africanus, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Secura GmbHYesNoNoNoNo
Server Plan SRL UnipersonalYesNoNoNoNo
Shanghai Best Oray Informationn S&T Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Shanghai Meicheng Technology Information Development Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Shanghai Oweb Network Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Shanghai Yovole Networks Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Shinjiru MSC Sdn BhdYes*NoNoNoNo
Sibername Internet and Software Technologies Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Sicherregister, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
SiliconHouse.Net Pvt Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Sipence, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Sir Lancelot du LacYesNoNoNoNo LLC.YesNoNoNoNo
Small World Communications, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Socrates 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Soluciones Corporativas IP, SLYesNoNoNoNo
Spartacus, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Spot Domain LLC dba Domainsite.comYes*NoNoNoNo
Sssasss, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Stork Registry Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Stormbringer, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Sun Mountain LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Sun Tzu 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Super Registry LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Swedish Domains ABYesNoNoNoNo
Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd Yes*NoNoNoNo
Tan Tran, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Techorus Inc. YesNoNoNoNo
Tecnocrática Centro de Datos, S.L.YesNoNoNoNo
The Registrar Company B.VYes*NoNoNoNo
The Registry at Info Avenue, dba IA RegistryYesNoNoNoNo
Theseus 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Thomas Edison, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Thomas Jefferson, LLCYesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
TierraNet Inc. DBA DomainDiscoverYesNoNoNoNo
Tiger Technologies LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
Tirupati Domains and Hosting Pvt LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Titus 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
TLDs L.L.C. d/b/a SRSplusYesNoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Total Web Solutions Limited trading as TotalRegistrationsYesNoNoNoNo
TPP Domains Pty Ltd. dba TPP InternetYesNoNoNoNo
TPP Wholesale Pty LtdYesNoNoNoNo
Tropic Management Systems, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Trunkoz Technologies Pvt Ltd. d/b/a OwnRegistrar.comYesNoNoNoNo
Tucows Inc.Yes*YesNoNoNo
TurnCommerce, Inc. DBA NameBright.comYesNoNoNoNo LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ulfberht, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Ulysses S. Grant, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Uniregistrar CorpYes*YesNoNoNo
united-domains AGYes*YesNoNoNo
Universal Registration Services, Inc. dba NewDentity.comYesNoNoNoNo
Upperlink LimitedYes*NoNoNoNo
URL Solutions, Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Variomedia IT - Service AGYesNoNoNoNo
Vautron Rechenzentrum AGYes*NoNoNoNo, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Virtual Registrar, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Visesh Infotecnics Ltd. d/b/a Signdomains.comYesNoNoNoNo
Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC DBA No-IPYesNoNoNoNo
Vlad the Impaler, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Vo Nguyen Giap, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Vodien Internet Solutions Pte LtdYes*NoNoNoNo
Web Commerce Communications Limited dba WebNic.ccYesNoNoNoNo
Web Drive Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Web Infinity Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Web Site Source, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Web Tech Names Inc.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Web Werks India Pvt. Ltd d/b/a ZenRegistry.comYesNoNoNoNo
Web4Africa IncYes*NoNoNoNo Internet Services GmbHYesNoNoNoNo
Webair Internet Development, Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Webfusion Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo Inc.YesNoNoNoNo
Whois Networks Co., Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
Wild Bill Hickok, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Wild West Domains, LLCYes*NoNoNoNo
William the Conqueror, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
William Wallace, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Winston Churchill, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
WIXI IncorporatedYesNoNoNoNo
World Biz Domains, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Xiamen ChinaSource Internet Service Co., Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Xiamen Nawang Technology Co., Ltd. Yes*NoNoNoYes
Xin Net Technology CorporationYesNoNoNoNo
Yenkos, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
Zeus 888, LLCYesNoNoNoNo
ZhuHai NaiSiNiKe Information Technology Co Ltd.Yes*NoNoNoNo
ZNet Technologies Pvt Ltd.YesNoNoNoNo
Zulfigar, LLCYesNoNoNoNo