Why Choose .ngo & .ong?

Validated domains for non-governmental organisations

For Trust

For the very first time, our new domain extensions can help identify and distinguish your Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) as a validated organisation within the crowded digital world. .ngo|.ong will be exclusively available to the NGO community, requiring validation for local, national and global NGOs like yours who are looking to advance their missions.

For Global Reach

.ngo is complemented by .ong, the translated equivalent for regions where Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese) are most prevalent. .ngo and .ong are sold as a package; by registering the .ngo domain, you will also reserve the same name in .ong, and vice versa. This packaged domain name solution allows you to register your name in both Romance and non-Romance languages simultaneously.

For Validation

.ngo|.ong is only available to genuine NGOs. This is the validation that the NGO community has asked for, an exclusive domain that identifies them as a unique set of organisations. NGOs participating as members in the .ngo|.ong community must certify that they adhere to Public Interest Registry’s eligibility requirements. For more information, visit the full list of eligibility requirements.

For Visibility

Beyond the validation, as a .ngo|.ong domain holder, you are automatically entered into our exclusive online NGO directory, which includes a customizable online profile for your organisation. Your profile will help you find and share information with other NGOs across the globe, promote your organisation to potential donors and partners, interact with like-minded organisations, and raise funds online to support your cause. The NGO directory will revolutionize the way that NGOs around the world connect.

.ngo and .ong will provide immediate recognition for validated organisations that pursue a cause and make a positive impact on the world. With these domain names comes credibility, and utilizing them to distinguish yourself is a great way for you to ultimately strengthen the brand of your NGO.

Restrictions Dispute Resolution Policy (RDRP)

For more information, visit GlobalNGO.org. To stay informed and be notified when .ngo and .ong are available, submit a free Expression of Interest.