The life of a celebrity isn’t all glitz and glam, but it does give them a platform and the opportunity to give back to a number of various causes. Below is just a short list of today’s celebrities that are bringing positive social change to societal issues through the good work of their charitable organizations.


  Charity Celebrity
1 Joyfulheartfoundation.org Mariska Hargitay
2 One.org Bono
3 Siliconvalleycf.org Mark Zuckerberg
4 Livestrong.org Lance Armstrong
5 Jklivinfoundation.org Matthew McConaughey
6 Michaeljfox.org Michael J. Fox
7 Water.org Matt Damon
8 7.org David Beckham
9 Fohta.org Pharrell Williams
10 Tribecafilminstitute.org Robert De Niro
11 Tonyhawkfoundation.org Tony Hawk
12 Stutteringhelp.org Hrithik Roshan
13 Maestrocares.org Marc Anthony
14 Smiletrain.org Aishwarya Rai Bachan
15 Ejaf.org Elton John
16 Makeitright.org Brad Pitt
17 Raisingmalawi.org Madonna
18 Fundacionlagrimasyfavores.org Antonio Banderas
19 Evalongoriafoundation.org Eva Longoria
20 Theelders.org Nelson Mandela
21 Everymothercounts.org Christy Turlington
22 Nyrp.org Bette Midler
23 Jeffgordonchildrensfoundation.org Jeff Gordon
24 Showmecampaign.org John Legend
25 Evasheroes.org Eva Longoria
26 Happyheartsfund.org Petra Nemcova
27 Sixdegrees.org Kevin Bacon
28 Urbanzen.org Donna Karan
29 Dizzyfeetfoundation.org Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman
30 Johnsonohana.org Jack Johnson, Kim Johnson

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