Public Interest Registry is now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors of PIR-Newco (the temporary name of the company). In 2014 there are three positions on the PIR-Newco Board. The Director positions are a 3-year term that begins midyear 2014 and expires midyear 2017. PIR-Newco’s business is to manage a retail business as an ICANN accredited registrar for the registration of domain names and sale of value added services with an emphasis on serving customers in the global south. Registration of .ngo and .ong top level domain names, which are intended solely for NGOs around the world, are a primary focus of PIR-Newco, The company will also act as a registrar for .org and for four internationalized domain names (IDNs) that are intended as in-language equivalents of .org. The time commitment expected of Board members is significant, including approximately 15 full days per year for face-to-face meetings (plus travel time), regular conference calls (generally monthly), and daily email correspondence. More details are set out below.


PIR-Newco will be organized as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, set up under US law. All Board Members are expected to have Board experience, to be able to read and understand a balance sheet, and to be able to read and communicate in English. In addition, we seek the following general qualities:

  • General business acumen with either significant entrepreneurial, non-profit, and/or marketing (not sales) skills;
  • Good understanding of ICANN and namespace policy issues and processes;
  • Good understanding of the functioning of the Internet and the associated technologies;
  • Good understanding of global non-profit business and organization;
  • Demonstrated understanding of and engagement in the retail domain name space and associated services;
  • Affinity with the values of Public Interest Registry and the Internet Society (ISOC);
  • Demonstrated abilities as a long term strategic thinker.

Specific qualifications that we seek to cover with this years’ call include:

  • Good understanding of and experience with the global NGO business and organisation;
  • Demonstrated experience with technological aspects of the Internet and more specifically the DNS;
  • Legal and regulatory knowledge and experience in the Internet industry or related industries.

In addition, experience on US non-profit Boards and good familiarity with nonprofit governance and financial considerations are highly appreciated, as PIR-Newco will be incorporated as a nonprofit organization.

In considering candidates, the extent of their knowledge in all of the above areas is a critical issue, along with an assessment of their practical experience in the relevant areas. We do expect all candidates to be able to fulfill the general qualities criteria, and to have outstanding strengths in at least one. Gender balance and geographic diversity are key considerations.


Interested candidates should submit their expression of interest and qualifications, (three references, and biographical information highlighting relevant experience, expertise, and contact information using this form. For full consideration, please apply by August 15, 2014.

Nomination form

Selection Process

The PIR-Newco Board members are appointed by the Public Interest Registry Board of Directors.

All candidates will be contacted as appropriate once the selection process is complete.

About Public Interest Registry and PIR-Newco

Trusted across all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, Public Interest Registry manages the top level domain registries for .org, .ngo, .ong and four IDNs. Public Interest Registry empowers the global noncommercial community to use the Internet more effectively and, concurrently, takes a leadership position among Internet stakeholders on policy and issues related to the domain name system. The .org domain is the Internet’s third largest “generic” or non-country specific top-level domain with more than 10 million domain names registered worldwide. Public Interest Registry was founded by the Internet Society in 2002. It is based in Reston, Virginia, USA.

Through the formation and management of PIR-Newco, Public Interest Registry intends to operate a domain name retail entity in the same exemplary manner. Principles driven and forward focused, PIR-Newco will serve Internet users worldwide, with particular focus on the global south.

Service on the Board of PIR-Newco

PIR-Newco will be an exemplary domain name retailer. Registrant-friendly policies and practice, coupled with and a dedication to promoting an open and responsible Internet, it needs Board members who can guide it to succeed as a business in a competitive environment, to provide leadership in the ICANN community on namespace issues, and to provide leadership to public service and noncommercial organizations on matters relating to the Internet namespace.

Time Commitment

Board members must make a firm time commitment to attend all Board meetings and other Board functions, as it is imperative that a small board has full participation. Meetings will be held via teleconference and in person. Board members who are eligible to accept compensation will receive up to $12,000 per year, paid quarterly in arrears, as compensation for their services as a Board member. Please note that compensation for Board services is not guaranteed and can be amended or abolished at any time, at the discretion of the Compensation Committee of the Public Interest Registry. The Board’s activities include:

  • Board Meetings: three to five per year, 1.5 days in length plus travel time. Approx. two in the USA and the other two or three generally co-located with ICANN meetings around the world.
  • Strategic Planning Retreat: one per year, generally 3 days plus travel time, can be anywhere in the world.
  • Advisory Council Meeting: one per year, generally 3 days plus travel time, can be anywhere in the world. Board participation in these meetings is optional.
  • Conference calls: as needed, nominally monthly.
  • Email correspondence: daily.

Because the Board is intentionally small, it is also important for the Board members to consider seriously their potential role as officers of the company. Currently, Public Interest Registry anticipates that the Board will elect a Chair and Vice-Chair and three elected officer positions: President, Treasurer and Secretary..

Personal Qualities of a Board Member

The required and desirable qualifications for Board members are listed above. In addition to those qualifications, potential Board members should:

  • Hold high ethical standards and integrity
  • Be collaborative and consensus building in their approach
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Be a motivator
  • Be passionate and energetic