Tim Nurul Kabir

Tim Nurul Kabir has spent 23 years playing a leading role in the fields of   e-Development, Telecom, ICT4D, Software & IT services development and contributed for improving the Bangladesh brand as a destination for IT and ITES outsourcing. Nurul Kabir is also well known in Bangladesh for his role as a policy adviser, ICT consultant, IPR and other important technology sectors. As a national ICT expert, he contributed to the National ICT Policy formulation committee and played a role in the National ICT Roadmap for Bangladesh. Nurul Kabir has participated and contributed in WSIS Forums and Internet Governance Forums (IGF) on a national and international level since 2003.

Nurul Kabir has played an instrumental role in the implementation of policy & process between Government and Private sector in Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Public Private Dialogue (PPD), which contributed to a major change in policy for private sector development. He has lead various projects in National and International organizations which contributed qualitative changes through capacity building and value creation for required objective. He has been working as the top level Management in leading National Trade Business Chambers & Associations in Bangladesh; He was former Sr. Vice-President of both Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industries (DCCI) and Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS). Chairman in International affairs & cooperation of Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)

Nurul Kabir is passionate about the multi-stakeholder inclusive model, the collaboration between government policy makers, private sectors, academia and civil society. He also a mentor & HR development expert and contributed as visiting professor at various universities, teaching Computer Science & Engineering and Business Strategy & Management, e-Business, Intellectual Property in BBA & MBA programs.