Sebastian Ricciardi holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the Buenos Aires University and a master’s degree in business administration from the Universidad del CEMA. He has over 10 years working in the consumer industry, covering different sales and marketing positions.

In 1999, he founded a technology company, working in wireless applications and marketing of new services. He is currently affiliated with Jauregui & Associates, a specialized law firm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ricciardi is a member of the Internet Society Argentinean chapter. Recently, he was selected to participate in the WSIS Ambassador program, working with ISOC chapter members from around the world in the prepcom and the Tunis phase of WSIS.

Ricciardi has been working with ICANN´s At-Large Advisory Committee since 2002, when he was appointed by the ICANN board. His responsibilities over the past years have included outreach activities among the Latin America communities and policy work. The ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee appointed him to the WIPO2 Assistance Group and the Transfers Assistance Group.