Meagan Fallone manages Global Strategy and Development for the Barefoot College. Working directly alongside Founder, Bunker Roy, to manage an aggressive scale-up of the Barefoot Approach, Internationally. Specifically to implement the “barefoot model” of community owned and managed, sustainable, grass roots development; in all the 43 Least developed countries (LDCs) by 2015. A strong commitment to developing women as agents of sustainable change and helping communities to develop their own capacity to meet the challenges within the developing world, is at the heart of every Barefoot Solution. She has been both a donor and a field presence in more than 22 countries since joining Barefoot College in 2011.

As the first non-Indian to be adopted by the Barefoot Family in Tilonia, the beliefs of inclusion championed by the college through 40 years are being put into practice with her addition to the team. The process of leaning and re-learning the needs of the organisation as it moves into the future, exemplify all the practices of de-centralized decision making and capacity building at every possible level.

Meagan is dedicated to transforming beliefs into action, she is an entrepreneur who has created or restructured a series of companies since 2005 in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Championing women in the developing world, she speaks regularly on the power of women as agents of sustainable change and poverty reduction. Her company MFC Art Consulting Ltd in 2006 launched her deep commitment to the social sector by mentoring women artisans to gain unprecedented livelihood access in the luxury hotel sector. Born in New Zealand, educated in the US and the United Kingdom, Meagan is a mother of 3 and a passionate mountaineer.