Marc Blanchet is President of Viagenie, a consulting and R&D firm in advanced IP networking engineering, with focus on IPv6, VoIP and space networking. Viagenie helps service providers, large entreprises and manufacturers worldwide, in IP engineering.

For15 years, Marc has been heavily involved in IPv6, as CTO of Hexago, author of IETF documents (RFC3531,5156,5572), architect and co-implementor of the freenet6, the Tunnel Setup Protocol, project lead of the DNS64/NAT64 Viagenie implementation and other IPv6 initiatives. He co-founded the IPv6Forum and has been Vice-Chair of the Canadian ISACC IPv6 Task Group.

Marc has also been deeply involved in internationalisation of the Internet, as co-chair of the internationalized domain names (idn), vcarddav, precis and iri IETF working groups and co-author of internationalisation protocols (RFC3454, RFC3491) in DNS. He was also involved as the technical contact and engineer of the initial DNS and security infrastructure for the .ca registry (CIRA).

He is also involved in space networking, by co-chairing the CCSDS SANA wg and is the architect of the SANA registry for space protocols.

He authored the “Migrating to IPv6″ book published by Wiley and co-authored the Cisco IPv6 course. He co-ported Asterisk to IPv6. Marc receives a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Laval University in Quebec, Canada.