Hans Peter Dittler, originally from and currently living in Germany, is the CEO of BRAINTEC Netzwerk-Consulting, a company focused on Internet and network related consultancy.

Dittler began his business career in the late 1970s at the University of Karlsruhe as a research fellow on communication protocols. In 1980, he was one of the founders of a startup company that focused on developing communication and networking equipment.

In 1987, he was active in the standardization of networking protocols in the IEEE 902.3 LAN/MAN committee and became a voting member in 1989. After 1993 he changed his focus to protocols such as PPP, IPv6 and other Internet-protocols and has since participated in several IETF working groups. His main focus is bringing back new technology from the IETF to companies and users in Germany.

In 1991, he was one of the founding members of DIGI which later became ISOC.DE. DIGI was founded to implement DENIC as a not-for-profit organization owned and supervised by the local community and open for all ISPs that were interested in local domain names. Hans Peter Dittler was the representative of ISOC.DE in the DENIC steering group until 1997.

Since being involved in founding the ISOC.DE, he has remained a member of the board of ISOC.DE. He is one of the German delegates from ISOC.DE to ISOC-ECC, the European Chapters Coordinating Council of ISOC. Based on his long experience with IPv6, he was invited in 2001 to join the German IPv6-taskforce to promote the use of IPv6 throughout Germany and Europe.

Dittler has written books about IPv6 and VoIP and papers on Internet Security and many other aspects of Internet use. He has done several studies on security and network abuse. By conducting workshops, seminars and tutorials, he helps to educate people in the many aspects of network use.