In January 1995, Frans Gerbosch made his first steps on the Internet and got involved with one of the first Belgian ISP’s, HookOn.  He structured the organization and took care of the daily management.

In January 1997 he was one of the founders of the Belgian XS4ALL Internet NV, an ISP with a focus on small and medium sized enterprises, where he has been the CEO for 3.5 years. Meanwhile, in December 1998, XS4ALL became a subsidiary of the Dutch Telecom operator KPN.

Beginning 2001 he supported CBel with the launch of the housing and co-location project Rack66.  In 2003 he co-founded EUSIP bvba that continued the housing & hosting project Rack66 as an independent company.  EUSIP bvba is an official Registrar of RIPE, the Belgian TLD, the European TLD the Dutch TLD  In February 2005 he joined the Belgian ISOC Chapter and became the vice-chair of the board.   As a result of this engagement and experience he was asked as a member of the jury of the Belgian selection of the World Summit Award (WSA) of 2005 and also in 2007.  In May 2007, he co-founded Oxopia NV an on-line database project built around the software as a service concept. And later he was one of the initiative takers of Belgian ICT Arbitration & Mediation (BICTAM) Organization that wants to offer arbitration and mediation services in ICT.

As a result of his different positions, he has a wide network of contacts within the European ISP market, but also within the Belgian Government.  He combines a solid technical IP knowledge with very good interpersonal skills.