Alaa Al-Din (Aladdin) Al-Radhi is an Internet engineering expert, having 31 years of experience among cross-linked working platforms (governments, science & technology communities, business, etc) on local, regional & international levels. His working tracks & themes include the infrastructures landscape frameworks of: IPv6, DNSSEC, Cyber Security, & strategic planning for future Internet emerging technologies, services & applications with the capacity of holistic roadmap setter, policy advocate, capacity builder, networker, internationally affiliated member, fellow, activist & advisor. He is a “Technology Adoption Scenarios” Visionary & Linker of ideas, people & Process. He is an IPv6 Forum Certified IPv6 Trainer (Gold) & a related keynote speaker & trainer on the international arenas.

Al-Radhi believes in strengthening the Internet, via outreach, awareness & projects implementations, especially for noncommercial uses. He is fully committed to best practices that advocate Internet stability and security to ensure a strong and secure environment for the global .ORG community.