Based in Reston, Virginia, Public Interest Registry is a not-for profit organization created by the Internet Society.

Acting in the public interest. It’s the philosophy behind our online platform and the battle cry of our mission in providing people and organizations an identity online.

For the millions of people we serve, we are forever committed to providing online platforms where everyone always has a voice and no one is ever hindered, restricted or censored.

It’s more than a cause—it’s a calling. We always act in the public interest, even when it means going against our own. We always do the right thing, even when it’s unpopular. We do it because we believe that the Internet is a transformational force for change that must never be compromised. We do it by collaborating globally in a multi- stakeholder governance model that ensures bottom-up, worldwide consensus. We do it because we are an essential building block in the foundation of an Internet for all. We’re a small organization operating a huge domain that the world counts on to be a platform for the public interest.

At the end of the day, we do it because we love people and the human experience. We are not “the Internet”. We are people—smart, outgoing, adventurous people. We empower other people’s voices and we love to hear them tell their stories. And we’re one of the originals. In the first generation of the Internet, an iconic domain was launched, .org. We were bestowed the honor of running it ten years ago, and we ran it in exemplary fashion. In the Information Age’s second wave of innovation, our expanded platform will continue our legacy of transparency and integrity as the leading force for the public interest. As long as we are here, the global community will always have a platform to define their identities, and will be as it was always meant to be: connected and open.

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